Apps for Drivers: 7 Free Mobile Applications

It’s entirely clear that technology is evolving to become a more integral part of our lives. We even use them in our vehicles, just as a study by Zendrive reported that car drivers use their phones for an estimated 88% of their trips. It’s also evident that there are many cautious ways to use a smartphone while in the car, for example by having a passenger help you. In reality, there is a huge variety of car/ car driver apps out in the marketplace, so check out the top 7 must have apps for cars.
Tip: Remember to keep your eyes on the road!
All the apps below are super useful to car drivers and owners. They’re also all free of charge and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

#1. (Free)

Developed by, a website dedicated to providing information to help people buy, sell, and maintain their vehicles, this app can be very useful to any car driver. After opening the app, you’ll be able to complete a variety of tasks, such as calculating repair costs for damages, as well as to find new and used vehicles for sale. It can even facilitate the sale of your own car. There are tons of apps for car drivers and buyers, while few of them are as insightful as this one, which truly lets car drivers investigate the valuation of cars on the market.

#2. TuneIn Radio (Free)

Good music can never go missing on a car drive. Unfortunately, local radio stations seem to have more commercials than good music. Apps like TuneIn are great for car riders and solve this problem by letting users tune in to other radio stations, even international ones. Additionally, listeners can enjoy live games and news, with an easy to use interface.

#3. GasBuddy (Free)

Finding the gas station with the lowest prices can sometimes feel like a waste of time for a few cents in savings. Even if you find the lowest price gasoline station near you, chances are you won’t be the only one and might even have to wait for your turn. That’s why GasBuddy is great for car drivers because it can help you save time and money.
After downloading the application, you’ll be able to enter your location and the app will show you the cheapest gasoline stations nearby. It also gives you the option to filter your results by selecting features like bathrooms, ATMs, car washes, among others. Forget driving from place to place, in search of the lowest price for fuel.

#4. Roadtrippers (Free)

Have you heard of the saying “it’s all about the journey, not a destination”? Taking road trips are a great way to visit distant places with the chance to stop in unforeseen places like restaurants, parks, and scenic places. Roadtrippers, another useful app for car drivers, is essential for any road trip.
The best part is that this smartphone app is simple to navigate. Simply input your trip destination information, and Roadtrippers automatically calculates an estimate of your fuel expenses. It also detects and gives suggestions for stopping at several points of interest.

#5. Waze (Free)

A unique alternative to Google Maps, Waze provides GPS services while being a smart car trip advisor. What sets Waze apart from other apps is the fact that a community of users update road conditions in real time, which then alerts other drivers taking the same route. Some of the alerts that the app looks out for, include car crashes, construction zones, police, and traffic jams.

#6. MileIQ (Free)

MileIQ is a convenient app for car drivers that need to record the miles they drive for business reasons or to obtain tax deductions. Instead of worrying about writing down trip details with pen and paper, this app uses your phone’s GPS to precisely record your trip details, and composes reports which conform to the IRS’s regulations. This app is ideal for those that are self-employed, or contractors.

#7. Glympse (Free)

Let’s say you’re on your way to a special event or family reunion while focused on the road. In a case like this, in order to avoid the distractions of having to call or text an update of your location to friends and family, this app lets you share your location with close ones for a limited amount of time, say until you get to your destination.
Keep in mind that using your phone inside the vehicle can be very dangerous, which is why we recommend having a passenger present to help you navigate most of the apps listed. Also, make sure you have a team of reliable people at your service, when driving your vehicle. Call an Infinity agent at 1-800-INFINITY or get an online quote today

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