Do You Qualify for These Auto Insurance Discounts?

Auto Insurance Discounts Save Money

If you are a driver insured by Infinity, or are considering Infinity for car insurance, you have probably wondered about discounts. Here is a summary of our discounts. If you like what you find, you can click here to get a free quote!


Multi Car Discount

Do you insure more than one car with Infinity? You could get a discount. This discount is available in Florida, Arizona and Texas.

Multi car discounts are some of the most common discounts among insurance companies. They are easy to get, as all you have to do is have more than one car insured on the same policy or with the same company.

Both of your cars have to have at least the minimum liability insurance for this discount to apply. Both vehicles must be actively used as well; neither can be in storage.

Sometimes, it is possible for different policies to qualify for the multi car discount, as long as the drivers live in the same household and the policies are through the same insurance company.

Your multi car discount will not go up as you add more vehicles. If you have three cars insured on the same policy, or in the same household, all three cars will receive a discount, but it will not be more because of the additional vehicle.

Motorcycles, RVs and boats may also qualify for a multi car discount. The discount is common for motorcycles on the same insurance. The discount is less common for RVs and boats just because it is less common for someone to have two of those type of vehicles. Don’t forget that both motorcycles and RVs require a special type of insurance.

Do not expect the multi car discount to be so substantial that insuring two cars is actually cheaper than one. While the discount will save you money, your rates will still go up as you add more vehicles. Likewise, removing a vehicle may not make your policy premium go down much, because you will be losing the multi car discount. What this discount does make cheaper is keeping your cars on the same policy, or at least with the same company. It will be cheaper than splitting up your vehicles among different companies.

Mature Driver Improvement Course Discount

At 55, you may not be eligible for the senior discount at the movies, but you can be eligible for a discount through Infinity. In California and Florida, we offer a discount called the Mature Driver Improvement Course Discount. This means that if you meet the age requirement and you take a driving improvement course, you can save money!

The point of a Mature Driver Improvement Course is for those in their later years to refresh their memories of basic driving skills. It can also help you learn about any changes to traffic laws and the technology inside of newer vehicles.

Some things your course might include will be checking blind spots, changing lanes, turning, and the dangers of tailgating. They will most likely also cover laws such as those covering seatbelts, construction zones, car seats, school buses and texting while driving. Medications will also be discussed, and how some common drugs taken can affect the mind and body while driving. Defensive driving will be another subject, which can improve your reaction time and coordination.

These classes can give you confidence while driving that you may have lost over the years. You will be safer and less likely to get into an accident. Your passengers, such as grandchildren, will also be safer. A course that helps you to understand how your age may be affecting your driving can be invaluable in helping you to adjust your driving. All of this will also keep you from getting tickets and get you that discount!

There are two options for your course-- online and in a classroom. It depends on your style of learning, technological skills and other preferences as to which option you should choose. They will perhaps differ in price and length. Just remember that in California you must take at least 400 minutes of a course.

You can find classroom courses through your local DMV, the AARP (which offers both online and in class sessions), and other such resources. Protect yourself and those around you, and save money on your insurance at the same time! Be sure to check out our articles on safe driving for further information.

Good Student Discount

Are you a full-time student with B’s or higher? If so, you may qualify as a good student in California and receive a discount on your car insurance.

Statistically, younger drivers are in more accidents. That’s why their car insurance premiums are typically more expensive. If you are a good student in your teens or early twenties, or a parent to a good student that age, you can save money on your insurance to help cut those extra costs.

Research shows that students who do well in school also perform better on the roads. Since these students are less likely to get into a car accident, the insurance company is willing to reward them with discounts.

To qualify for our good student discount, you must have a B average (a 3.0 GPA) and be enrolled full-time in college or high school.

If you or your child fall below the grade requirements for this discount, use it as another excuse to study harder! Put in your best effort, and let the reward be big savings on your car insurance. Read our tips for success in school here.

Renewal Discount

One of the discounts Infinity offers in California is the Renewal Discount. This discount applies when you renew a car insurance policy with Infinity.

The reason we offer a renewal discount is to thank you for being a loyal customer and continuing your insurance with us. Long-time customers especially will qualify for a great discount.

Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to switch insurance companies. There are so many websites that allow you to view many different quotes from many different companies all at once. The rate of switching is very high, and the field has become very competitive. A renewal discount is one way to combat this and keep our customers happy enough that they will continue insuring their cars with our company.

The renewal discount does not vary depending on how much coverage you have. This means that even if you only have liability (which is not recommended) you can still receive a discount when you renew your policy.

It’s important to renew your insurance policy before your policy runs out, rather than letting your coverage lapse. If you allow your coverage to run out and drive without insurance, you could see a rise in your premium when you finally do renew. Which would you prefer: a discount or a price increase? If you were to be pulled over without insurance, or worse get into an accident without it, you could also be facing a hefty financial burden.

Everyone wants cheaper insurance. It can seem cheaper to let your coverage lapse or to switch companies, but with Infinity’s renewal discount, keeping your policy may be your best option financially.

Homeowners Discount

If you live in Florida, Texas or Arizona and own your own home, you could qualify for Infinity’s Homeowners discount on your car insurance!

Owning your home is a big step in life. The next big step? Reevaluating your insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Insuring your home and vehicle through Infinity could save you big. When you buy your home and get a homeowners policy, your insurance premium for your car will go down. Who knew that achieving your dream of becoming a homeowner could save you money on your car insurance?

Get a homeowner’s quote here.

Mobile Homeowners Insurance

Own a mobile home? Great news: you qualify for a similar discount as the homeowners discount! As long as you insure your mobile home and auto with Infinity, you could save money on your car insurance in Florida, Texas or Arizona. Get a mobile home insurance quote here.


Paid-In-Full Discount

Our Florida, Texas and Arizona drivers have many discounts available to them for their personal auto policies. It is always nice to save money on your insurance premium. One way to do this is to pay your insurance up front, which qualifies you for our paid-in-full discount.

Paid-in-full means that instead of making monthly payments, you would pay your entire premium all at once. This will qualify you for savings, and also make your life a little easier. You will no longer have to worry about being on time with those monthly payments. One less bill sounds pretty good doesn't it?

This discount can apply if you pay 6 or 12 months of your premium up front, rather than paying monthly installments. Your auto insurance can be reduced by 5 to 11 percent.

The bottom line is that our paid-in-full discount can save you a considerable amount of both time and hassle. You will enjoy savings on your auto insurance, and peace of mind knowing that your bill is already paid.

Advanced Quote Discount

One insurance discount available to Florida and Texas drivers is the Advanced Quote discount. This is a discount many insurance carriers offer to reward the responsibility of a driver who maintains their insurance without any lapses in coverage.

Shopping ahead for insurance is a good idea for many reasons. For instance, you gain the peace of mind that comes with not letting your coverage lapse. It may seem like letting your coverage lapse would save you money by getting a few months off from payments, but this is one of many myths about insurance. Especially with the Advanced Quote discount, maintaining insurance is the more affordable option.

Infinity offers our Advanced Quote discount if you begin shopping at least 6 days before your other insurance policy ends. You could be renewing a policy with Infinity or switching from a different company. If you are wanting to switch immediately, however, you will not qualify for the discount.

The moral of the story is: do not let your insurance coverage lapse! Infinity rewards responsible drivers who shop for insurance early. In this case, the early bird gets the discount.

Safety Features Discount

Driving a safe car is important. Nowadays, many vehicles come with safety features to protect you. What you may not know is that some of these safety features could qualify you for a discount on your car insurance! Infinity offers a discount in Florida to drivers who have these features.


If your vehicle has driver-side and passenger-side airbags, these features could save you and your passengers’ lives, and they could also save you some money.

Anti-Lock Brakes

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a feature that helps to maintain traction between the road and your tires. This can keep your car from skidding if you have to slam on your brakes, which can keep you and your car safer. Infinity offers a discount to drivers who have ABS installed in their vehicles.

Anti-Theft Systems

Not only can a stolen car be a burden to you, it can cost your insurance company thousands of dollars. This is why discounts for anti-theft systems are offered. A feature as simple as an alarm system can lower the chances of your car being stolen, and earn you a discount!

Keeping your car up to date on safety features definitely has its benefits. You will have more peace of mind about your vehicle, and you will qualify for great Infinity discounts in Florida!

Paperless Discount

The paperless discount, sometimes called a “Green” discount, is Infinity’s way of doing our part in an increasingly environmentally aware world. We offer this discount in Arizona.

Rather than receiving paperwork from us through mail, you will get everything you need online. This qualifies you for our paperless discount, and make you feel good about saving paper!

Added benefits to the paperless discount include saving money on postage and having full access to your policy 24/7.

Online Quote Discount

In Arizona and Texas, you can immediately get a discount when you start your quote online. You’re just starting an Infinity policy, and you already qualify for a discount!

Your quote can also be much faster online. Just go to and put in your zip code to get started.

Accident Free/Years Clean Discount

Texas and Arizona both offer a discount if you have a clean driving record. This means no at-fault accidents or tickets for things like speeding or DUI’s for 35 months.

Keeping a clean driving record can keep your premiums low anyway, so a discount is just icing on top. It is a great incentive to drive carefully.

Discount for AAA Members

In Arizona, Infinity offers a discount to AAA members. AAA is a service that provides roadside assistance to drivers who need it. This can qualify you for a discount because we know that your car will be taken care of in an emergency.

Infinity offers its own roadside assistance program called DriverClub®. It is a free service, even for those who are not insured by Infinity.

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